DJ afroDJiak

I am a storyteller working to inspire others through music curation and mixed media production. I am a Black American with an immense appreciation for arts, technology, storytelling and love. I was raised with a deep appreciation for my Moroccan heritage which offset an early intrigue of world sounds and culture. Like many artsy adults, almost all of my earliest memories include a soundtrack. Whether playing with dolls, clay, food or toy trucks - 70’s soul, 80’s R&B and 90’s hip-hop directly coincide with the memory movie that plays in my head. Even today, with the technology we are afforded daily, each activity of my day has a soundtrack accompaniment. My favorite thing about storytelling is the many ways it can take shape. I have been able to tell the story of my passion for music through dance floors, film production, magazine publication, youth workshops, flash talks, festival stages, recorded mixes and collaborations all over the world. Literally. I love what I do. I am grateful to be able to do it. I am an active DJ in the worldwide music community. I travel and play records - some you’ve heard, others you haven’t. I am committed to enhancing the mainstream narrative around modern Black music. I am working to increase the visibility of progressive music and creating a larger space in which it can live and be celebrated. I am curating music in order to help appreciate the past and rethink how we approach the future of music. And I do it with some of the most seamless transitions you’ve ever heard. My one-hour radio show is also a testament to my desire educate the public on past, present and future sounds while creating dialogue around its industry. My goals is to become a trusted resource and authoritative voice in global discuss around the music community at large. Please join me in my journey. Please join me in my story. Please join the movement.

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