DJ Celskiii

DJ Celskiii, co-founder Skratchpad, has been perfecting her craft for the past 18 years. For her, being a well-rounded DJ is important, having a strong Hip Hop foundation. So besides mixing, she scratches, beat-juggles, battles, has deejayed for KRS-ONE, and she is currently focused on production. Celskiii was heavily influenced by the late 1990s Beat Lounge Deco DJs, especially Derrick D and the Invisibl Skratch Pikzl, who inspired her to hone her skills. She’s competed in the US DMC Team Battles twice--with Deeandroid in 2009, followed by the 2010 battle, placing second with her crew members, Deeandroid & Lady Fingaz, as La Femme Deadly Venoms. When she started deejaying as a youth, she would have never guessed that as a mother, she would still be DJing. But she's realized that Hip Hop has been a powerful and transformative culture, allowing her to live creatively, passing this way of life onto her son. She is a lifelong student of Hip Hop culture. In 2013, Celskiii & La Femme Deadly Venoms released their EP (along with Deeandroid, Kat o1o, & Lady Fingaz) which you can find on iTunes. She’s reps Skratchpad, Rock Force Crew, and the Accepted Eclectic Crew.

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