DJ Miles Green

Miles Green is one of the most versatile and dynamic DJs in the Bay Area. For him, the DJ craft is a hobby, habit, passion, obsession and way of life. Miles is a skilled entertainer who can drum, DJ, Produce, MC and play live instruments. People can see and hear the passion and commitment to the craft every time he takes the stage. Miles has a passion for good music. Armed with a terabyte, he is always ready for any type of event; wedding, club, birthday party, bar, restaurant, lounge, concert or live radio broadcast. Miles Green is a seasoned DJ who reads the crowd and plays a nice blend of Funk, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, House and World Beat. Miles Green has traveled and toured while constantly producing and digging for new records. Musical adventures of the recent times have led to Rio de Janiero, London, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Atlanta, Paris, Las Vegas, Jamaica, Mexico and Puerto Rico. Catch Miles playing drums in a Brazilian bateria, background percussions with a Jamaican reggae band or producing soulful house remixes and originals. Future projects include a film score and full length album.

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