E-40 – Block Brocure: Welcome to the Soil, Parts 4, 5, & 6 [AlbumArt]


Apparently they’re keeping time like Abe Lincoln in the Hall of Game.

Earl has been busy lately to say the least. He recently launched Earl Stevens Selections, his very own wine label AND he’s releasing a not one but THREE album follow up to The Block Brocure – Welcome To The Soil 1&2. E-40 says:
I’m a score and a nickel deep in the game! That’s 25 years with real studio albums on the shelf. If an artist can release two and three mixtapes a year for free, I can release two or three official studio albums a year for money. As an independent artist I do what I want, not what I can. I’m putting out three albums because I’ve got 3 decades of fans that I gotta satisfy. I’ve been through hella different eras of music and I survived successfully! It took William Shakespeare 20 years of experience to write Hamlet! I make Slaps and paint pictures with my raps and I’m in my prime with 25 years of experience. You ain’t gotta like me but you gotta respect me!