E-40. Great Moments in Fine Wine.


Rappers have always kept their listeners updated on their state of inebriation like it’s breaking news. In an era of Rap that is both informed and influenced by American drug culture, let’s take a moment to appreciate the refinement of an elder statesman of the Rap game.  E-40 may have earned his handle downing 40oz of malt liquor, but he’s always made it clear that he’s been a connoisseur of fine wine, specifically Carlos Rossi.

his affection for that dusty jug on the bottom shelf early in his career. However, he ventured into the land of opulence when he spoke well of guitar legend Carlos Santana’s sparkling wine, Santana DVX, with Lonely Planet in 2009. [Click forward to 1:25… oof.]

known to show up well prepared for marathon studio sessions with at least two jugs of Rossi, and has apparently passed this appreciation on to his son, Droop-E (and Kendrick Lamar) in more recent times.

innovator, we raise a glass to 40 Fonzarelli upon the release of his label, Earl Stevens Selections earlier this month.  His contribution rounds out the celebrity beverages with his line of fine wines. Congratulations, Earl. Does your longevity in the game may have something to do with your gentlemanly choice of beverage? Whatever the answer may be, we look forward to pervin’ off of that Mango Moscato and Red Blend.