Playlist Retreat

In case you guys missed it. Half of the djs from around the world were invited to DjJazzyJeff’s house last week! Here are some links to check out the event! Peep the magic through these links!

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It wasn't a convention. No laminates or anything super proper. It was a great get together with some of the most creative people with the same passion for music. It was great to reconnect with homies and make new ones. Being in a space with folks I've grown up listening to and now to call them good friends reminds me how thankful I am and how blessed we all were to be under one roof of a legend who felt this needed to happen. The Playlist Retreat left me inspired and made me want to be better than I was yesterday. Seeing how others work on the craft and what they put into it was amazing. Thank you to my big bro @djjazzyjeff & the Townes family for inviting us to their home. Special thanks to Lynette, Nicole and Team Jazzy Jeff/ @vinyldestination for taking care of us. #playlistretreat. (…….now how bout that new mixer doe?)

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