Shruggs – Last Week ft. Wallah Umoja


This is an advanced listening of their second single of the year, “last week” written by wallah umoja & produced by shruggs dropping on Nov.15th, 2017

Wallah channels his aggression in a relentless flurry of bars that develop a portrait of a man’s psyche when amputating life’s dead weight. Shruggs provides the seasick backdrop to this mindset with rising and falling instrumentation. Together they manage to take you on a roller-coaster, dropping in & out of anxiety and a zen level of assurance.

The now Oakland-based label Left-N-Right Records celebrates the spirit of classic Bay Area Rap culture in an innovative way. Teaming up with the Label’s founder, Wallah Umoja, producer/DJ Shruggs displays a wide pallet of transcendental sounds, ranging from dark minor notes to bright futuristic synths on their first collaboration track “Last Week”. The other track is “Differences” Recorded, Written, and Produced by Wallah Umoja via the Left-N-Right Recordings. HQ located in Oakland, Ca. USA

Mixed by Dion Decibels
Art by gbabydesign

Distributed by
Left-N-Right Records LLC.