Started from the Border ft. Ching Bling (Drake Parody)

Just got around to watching Chingo Bling’s “Started from the Border” video (modeled after “Started from the Bottom,” obvs), and it’s really a return to form—Chingo’s old-school tactic of using sardonic humor to get a political message across, which he abandoned a bit recently in lieu of being more straightforward (well, straightforward for Chingo, shout to best-song-ever “Banda Makes Her Dance”).

I still have a Chingo Bling SXSW promo poster from a few years back that says, “Welcome to TEJAS: home of George Bush, Chingo Bling, and 11 MILLION MEXICANS!” Hahaha.

“Fuck a big wall, homie, we can jump that.” Also the vato-Drake’s 15 sharpied-on eye tears SO SO REAL (and, technically, cholo-art music criticism)!