“That One Time I Ate My Words” RE: Kanye West on SNL (VIDEO)

While I’m naturally resistant to the whole “Yeezy Season,” and marketing memes in general, it’s undeniable/redundant to state that he’s a force in the music of our day. I feigned nonchalance during the Friday twitter buzz (“I heard the new Yeezy video is playing at __________”) and was actually started whoriding (“I heard the new Kanye video is playing ON Talib Kweli” etc.). Why not, I have a natural aversion to “OBEY” and refuse to get swept up in another well crafted, focus grouped hype vortex… the same reason I jumped ship from the overly anticipated Daft Punk hype train… but then there’s the achillies heel to my residual DIY self-riteousness & keeping it real. The actual music content.

Despite his roundabout narciccism, Ye brings it, and boldly addresses the inequites of American/World capitalism, wage slavery and private prisions. Critical topics regularly addressed by Boots Riley, Dead Prez and Lupe Fiasco. Infact, the subject matter (executed really fucking well) would have come off contrived without his navel gazing reflections of rich dude problems. Also, hats off to his art director.

Friday’s gig kept me away from the SF premier, out all night Saturday (missed SNL performance), Sunday was too beautiful not to be outside drinking, Monday catch-up, I ate my words for breakfast Tuesday, and regurgitating now.