Direct Deposit DJs: Max

Making your name in the Bay’s DJ scene means thriving on competition, and Max is a veteran, all the way back to hitting the finals in the 2003 ITF. But it isn’t just about chasing trophies, it’s about pushing the envelope, pushing crowds into a frenzy, pushing music into new areas, and pushing yourself. Creativity is the true competition, and that’s where Max Kane’s ahead of the pack with his DJing, production, and innovative live performances.

He’s held down residencies in San Francisco and Oakland for years, toured all over the world, and rocked with folks like DJ Jazzy Jeff, Grandmaster Flash, Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, and Madlib. And while he’s a great DJ, he goes beyond just DJing.

If you want the future of the funk, check out his work with Mugpush, or peep him teaming up with the legendary Q-Bert to perform with the Jazz Mafia Symphony. Finally, look at how he stretched the boundaries of turntable-based music creation with F.A.M.E. (Fresh Analog Music Experience) and the 4onefunk Band.

And there’s all the touchstones that bear his fingerprints. The underground classic “Night of the Remix” mixtape with B-Cause. The 4onefunktion parties–a Bay Area institution that Max rocked for five years with the rest of the 4onefunk crew. The “Out of My Mind”/”Ebb & Flow” single on Uncut Records. His mark as an originator is undeniable.

Whether it’s beats, cuts, party rocking, Max Kane is all about pushing the art forward. But he always brings the audience along for the ride

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