Stay Hatin DJs: SergDun, Soft Money

It seems like everyone has their own home remedy for listening to rap. The best advice we can offer is to approach new raps with an open mind and ear. Regional rap can be quite an obstacle for the unprepared. The varying dialects, style and subject matter may seem to be a bit off putting but understand that you may not be properly equipped to digest these new raps. This is where the Stay Hatin program will assist you by explaining and presenting these new raps in a tasteful and understanding manner.

Do you find that understanding rap music and the subculture of “HIP HOP” to be overly complicated? Even OHHLA can’t help you understand the meanings of rap songs? Have you looked to places like rap genius for explanations? Maybe you just need some assistance in finding rap music because Mtv no longer shows music videos or because your local radio station plays too much singing or just too much Drake. Well don’t worry, Stay Hatin is here to help. Stay Hatin provides a judgement free learning experience where you can learn and discover new and exciting types of rap music.

Stay Hatin was started in May of 2011 by doctors Sergio Ornelas, Matthew Africa and Stewart Khulo. In an attempt to relieve some of the pressure of running such an all encompassing institution of learning Sergio reached out to Dr. Africa and Dr. Khulo for assistance in forming a youth outreach program to assist those struggling with rap.

The main focus of the Stay Hatin program is to provide users with a learning experience where they are exposed to a biweekly dosage of fresh raps in an attempt to provide some type of compensation for the raps that they are currently being exposed to. In some cases listeners may not find that listening to the program to be enough so in that event the program offers supplemental assistance where the listener can go to the website and by clicking a hyperlink they are offered the songs from each program so that they may listen to them at their leisure.

The program has successfully issued over 100,000 downloads since its initial launch. Helping people all over the world discover new and exciting raps.

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